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Cash and Treasury Management Conference

September 20, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn - Downtown Old Market

1005 Dodge St.

Omaha, NE 68102



The Nebraska Association For Financial Professionals together with TreaSolution is hosting this dynamic 1 day conference.

From the basic concepts of finance and treasury management, operational best practices, risk management, technology, and more, we’ll discuss everything you need for a successful career in Cash and Treasury Management.

If you are CPA, CTP, and/or FP & A certified, this is great way to obtain continuing Education Credits locally.

Conference Sessions

Finance & Treasury Fundamentals

This session will introduce the basic concepts of finance and treasury management.  Discussion will include general finance topics such as time value of money, the "Finance Triangle", and more.  In regards to treasury management we will discuss the treasury department's mission, treasury departmental hierarchy, treasury policies and procedures, and more!

Treasury & Liquidity Management Best Practices

During this session, we'll discuss topics pertaining to treasury operations best practices.  Topics that will be discussed will include bank communications, cash forecasting, treasury payment systems, investment management, debt management, and more!

Leveraging Networking For Treasury Management Success

How do you know if you have developed a good professional network?  

From conference networking events to online social networking websites, networking is a critical aspect of a successful treasury management career.  During this speech you'll learn the importance of networking and how treasury professionals can help develop a comprehensive professional network.  Furthermore, we'll go over several successful networking techniques and strategies that can be utilized during the conference.  

Consistent Implementation Of Best Practices

This presentation aims to assist treasury management professionals in improving their treasury operation by implementing proven and successful techniques for consistent best practice implementation.  A "Treasury Review" is an ongoing initiative that requires successful treasury departments to regularly review their critical treasury operations, technologies, internal controls and bank architecture.  During every Treasury Review each process is reviewed and documented while simultaneously benchmarking all details against industry best practices.  The ultimate goal of a Treasury Review is to implement 

the most current industry best practices while 

documenting effective metrics and procedures.  

During this presentation Dan Carmody, Executive Director of TreaSolution will discuss the tactics he uses when completing a Treasury Review for TreaSolution's clients.  This discussion will cover process review, process documentation, best practice benchmarking, metrics identification and analysis and 

best practice implementation.  Upon completion of the presentation, the audience will have a more detailed understanding of how they can conduct a Treasury 

Review to assist in achieving greater efficiency and 

security by consistently implementing treasury best practices.  

Finance & Treasury Risk Management

Treasury risk management is a top priority for may treasurers.  This session will discuss the importance of recognizing, documenting and managing both financial and operational risk within treasury departments.  Furthermore, we'll discuss both strategies and tactics that can be used to develop successful treasury risk management policies.  

Treasury Technology: Past, Present, & Future

This presentation will focus on three key areas: Past Treasury Technology, the Current Treasury Technology Environment, and Future Treasury Technology Projections.  We'll discuss the unique history of treasury technology and how it came revolutionize treasury operations.  By utilizing data from TreaSolution's best practices database, Dan Carmody, Executive Director of TreaSolution will discuss current treasury technology trends and how they are influencing treasury best practices.  Finally, we'll discuss how treasury technology will develop in the future and what benefits corporate practitioners can look for over the next decade. 

A Future-Proof Career: A Formula For Continued Success!

There are many variables that make up a successful career.  During this speech we'll discuss what we feel are the for main components that every professional should pursue in order to build a Future-Proof career.  By researching various successful processionals, Dan Carmody, Executive Director of TreaSolution has developed speech that is meant to motivate you to achieve even greater career success.  One of the hallmarks of Dan's speeches is that they are very interactive!  So bring your cellphone, bring your business cards, and bring a note pad.  This is a keynote speech that entertain and motivate!  

Approved by the Association for Financial Professionals for 5.0 FP & A Recertification Credits (3.0 FP & A + 2.0 Career Development)

Approved by the Association for Financial Professionals for 6.0 CTP/CCM Recertification Credits (4.0 CTP + 2.0 Career Development)

Approved by the Board of Public Accountancy for 7 CPE Continuing Education Credits

Approved by NACHA for 5.0 AAP Recertification Credits. 

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Conference Sponsors

The Nebraska Association For Financial Professionals is a regional affiliate of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), the Nebraska AFP is a nonprofit organization serving the growing field of treasury management.

TreaSolution provides exceptional treasury consulting and treasury training services to help our clients create a "Smarter Treasury."  Our treasury consultants work with companies, financial institutions and more to solve challenging treasury issues and to implement meaningful improvements.  TreaSolution's treasury training services host interactive treasury management events (such as the Treasury Boot Camp) that gathers professionals to learn, discuss and document the latest treasury best practices.

Daniel J. Carmody, CTP is the Executive Director of TreaSolution, a faculty member at Northwestern University and a Professional Speaker. Since obtaining his Certified Treasury Professional certification (formerly the Certified Cash Manager) in 1998, Dan has been dedicated to assisting organizations with improving their treasury management functions. Dan is responsible for TreaSolution's strategic direction, treasury best practices consulting and teaching TreaSolution's Treasury Boot Camp. Since 2012 Dan has been teaching a post-graduate Certified Treasury Professional course at Northwestern University. For more information, please visit and connect with Dan on LinkedIn at

Address: P.O. Box 8724  Omaha, Nebraska  68108-0724

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