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Below is a recap from the 2016 NAFP Conference.  Please, check back for updated 2017 Conference Speakers.

Matt Davies, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Fight Against Credit Card Fraud: To EMV and Beyond

Description:     The U.S. implementation of EMV-enabled chip cards and terminals is well under way. So what now? This session will provide a brief overview of the current EMV landscape, with one liability shift down (Oct. 1, 2015, for most merchants), but two more to go, for ATMs (2016/2017) and fuel-selling merchants (Oct. 1, 2017). Card-present fraud at the point-of-sale should decline, but we anticipate an increase in fraud in the online channel. How will the U.S respond to this anticipated increase? What methods will we use to combat rising online fraud? The presenter will talk about tokenization; a new-and-improved version of 3DSecure; dynamic CVV codes and more.

Bio:      Matt Davies, CTP, AAP, CPP, is an Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He has over 18 years of experience in the payments industry, over 15 of those with the Federal Reserve Banks. He has also served as ACH & Wire Product Manager for a commercial bank, and as a product manager in the bankcard industry.

Matt is an Adjunct CTP Instructor for Rice University in Houston, and serves on the Boards of Directors for the Dallas Association for Financial Professionals and Jubilee Park & Community Center.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Matt graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History in 1997, and from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2013.

Bryan Handlos, Kutak Rock LLP

The Future of Virtual Currency

Description:     Bitcoin and other virtual currencies offer new ways to make payments outside the banking system.  Payors and payees that choose to use these technologies should consider the new issues they present.  Many new businesses have also been created to support virtual currencies, including currency exchanges, “wallet” providers, “miners” and others.  These new businesses also present new issues.  Changes in law and regulation have begun to follow.  Perhaps even more significant, the underlying “blockchain” technology may hold the key to a variety of new financial and other products and may result in billions of dollars of cost savings.  Billions of dollars will likely be invested in the coming years to develop these blockchain-based products.  This session will provide an introduction to virtual currency, the types of businesses involved in this space, key legal and risk issues and the prospects for blockchain technology.   


Bio:      Bryan Handlos is a partner at Kutak Rock LLP.  Kutak Rock is a national law firm with 500+ lawyers in 18 locations across the country.  Bryan concentrates his practice on bank regulatory, payments and consumer financial services matters. Bryan represents banks, nonbank financial services providers, fintech companies and commercial customers acquiring financial services products. Bryan’s 30+ years of experience includes a wide variety of payments products, retail banking, bank operations, treasury services, consumer compliance, financial technology, and core bank regulatory topics.  Bryan was born and raised in Omaha.  He graduated from Creighton University with a B.A. in history in 1981 and with a J.D. from the Creighton University School of Law in 1984.   

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Wendy Wishon, AAP, NCP, Epcor

Moving Payments Faster

Description:     Same Day ACH is just around the corner, join us for a discussion on last minute Phase One implementation information and what to expect in Phases Two and Three.  Same Day ACH isn’t the only faster payments initiative out there; we’ll also look at other faster payments initiatives on the horizon.


 Bio:        Ms. Wishon has been with EPCOR since 1996 after a career in the bank retail and operations areas, at a community bank, a savings and loan and a large commercial bank. She provides oversight of all critical functions of the organization, including EPCOR payments education, compliance and risk education, conferences and audit and third party services departments. Ms. Wishon has been an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) since 1996; and achieved her National Check Professional (NCP) designation in 2011. Wendy is a frequent speaker at various payments industry conferences, including NACHA’s Payments Conference and other regional conferences. Ms. Wishon represents the EPCOR membership on NACHA’s Compliance and Operations Standing Rules Group, and NACHA’s Rules and Operations Committee.



Discover the Possibilities

Description: Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.  We are passionate about services and partnerships that create meaningful lives in caring communities. 

Mosaic in Omaha will share the history of Mosaic and explain the services they provide to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  You will hear an amazing story told by someone in service and their mother about their life experiences with Mosaic and how he is discovering the possibilities every day. 

Information will also be shared regarding funding and finances for individuals that are served at Mosaic.

Bio: Kelli Joseph  has been with Mosaic for 4 years.  She began in the HR Department and moved into her current role 3 years ago.  Kelli is responsible for friend and fundraising and community awareness.

      Chris Grimm has been in service with Mosaic for 17 years.  He is 44 years old.  When he first came to Mosaic he didn’t like anything about this place.  After months of work by dedicated staff, Chris was thriving.  Thanks to speech therapy, at age 40, Chris is now saying three to four word sentences.  Chris and his mother Janey keep discovering the possibilities on a daily basis!

Sara Bartruff - Finance

Rob Wellendorf, Executive Solutions/Foundations Financial Group

Proactive versus Reactive

Description:     We will take a closer look at the huge transition of closely-held business wealth taking place right now. This wave will continue for the next ten years and may have significant impact on virtually all of us. Recognizing and understanding the many challenges facing closely-held business owners will help us see things through their lenses.  We must also be aware that when transitioning a company, the owner has only one chance to get it right!

Bio:     Executive Solutions was founded by Robert B. Wellendorf II as a culmination of his multiple years of experience and desire to assist closely held businesses with their various planning concerns. His firm offers specialized services to business owners and executives, including business succession planning and consultation on business exit strategies.

Rob, an Elkhorn, Nebraska native and Creighton University alumnus, has been involved in business planning, consulting and financial services for over 25 years. Rob's industry experience includes membership in the Omaha Estate Planning Council, The Society of Financial Services Professionals (SFSP), and is an Accredited Estate Planner. Rob has served as the President for the Omaha Chapter of SFSP and has been active as a National FSP board member for the past several years.

Additionally, Rob is an active philanthropist, has served on the boards of many non-profit organizations and is a past recipient of the State of Nebraska's Governor's Award for Philanthropic Planning. Recently he received the designation of CAP (Certified Advisor in Philanthropy) through The American College.

Rob is a Registered Representative of Cambridge Investment Research Inc.

Todd Bohling, Mortech Inc

Everybody’s Problem – Cyber Fraud

Description:  The surge of financial technology solutions creates new and valuable tools for financial services clients.  Likewise, bad actors see new ways to gain access to your clients account and your businesses sensitive data.  This educational session will build your awareness of fraud techniques, prepare common sense defenses and put fraud prevention where it needs to be, in your hands.

Bio: Todd Bohling has over 16 years of experience in finance and technology.  He began his career with Fiserv delivering banking solutions to customers across the nation.  His focus on the customer channel included internet banking. ATM software and voice based solutions. Todd joined ACTON Marketing as Vice President, Financial Services and delivered customer acquisition strategies to financial institutions.  


Getting back to his technical roots, Todd joined an information security startup, Infogressive, focused on consulting and cost effective security products.  Todd earned security accreditations, including the CISSP, and was responsible for business development and operations. He currently serves as the IT Operations and Implementation Manager at Mortech Inc, a Zillow Group Company. He oversees cloud operations, security, training, and implementation.


Todd is a product of Nebraska and grew up in a rural farming community and graduated from Peru State College. Todd enjoys spending time with his wife, April, and their two children, Maddox and Madelyn.

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